St. Kitts Island of St. Kitts & Nevis ( KN ) - Travel Guide

Apostolic Faith Church

Address: Station St
City: Sandy Point
Phone: 869-465-6245

Basseterre Church of God

Address: Durant Ave
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-465-6380

Calvary Baptist Church

Address: Main St
City: St Paul's
Phone: 869-465-6324

Calvary Baptist Tabernacle Church

Address: Main St
City: St Paul's
Phone: 869-465-3883

Catholic Church

Address: Co-Cathedral East Independence Square
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-465-2541

Cayon Church of God

City: Upper Cayon
Phone: 869-465-0829

Church Of Christ

Address: Cunningham St
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-465-1372

Church Of God

City: Half Way Tree
Phone: 869-465-8730

Church Of God St Pauls

Address: Main St
City: St Paul's
Phone: 869-466-9815

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints

Address: Shadwell Site
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-465-2612

Faith Tabernacle Church Of God

Address: Adams Hill
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-466-1505

Grace Gospel Hall

City: Middle Island
Phone: 869-466-3732

Jehovah's Witnesses

Address: Ponds Estate
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-466-9518

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

Address: Caines Housing Development
Phone: 869-466-3229

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Address: Main St
City: Sandy Point
Phone: 869-465-2629

Methodist Church

City: Tabernacle
Phone: 869-466-9593
Fax: 869-469-5228

Methodist Church Annex

Address: Seaton St
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-465-2346

Methodist Church - Cayon

Address: Main St
City: Cayon
Phone: 869-465-2314

Methodist Church - Dieppe Bay

Address: Main St
City: Diepp Bay
Phone: 869-466-9612

Methodist Church Manse

City: St Pauls
Phone: 869-465-7764

The Methodist Church

Address: Seaton St
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-465-3801

Moravian Churches

Address: Victoria Rd
Phone: 869-465-4821
Fax: 869-465-6748

Mt Carmel Baptist Church

City: Bourryeau
Phone: 869-465-7230

New Birth / Gospel Outreach Ministries

Address: Baker's Corner
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-466-1493

New Testament Church Of God

Address: Central St
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-466-1904

Olivet Gospel Hall

Address: Upper Malone Ave
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-465-6517

Redeemed Baptist Church

City: Upper Cayon
Phone: 869-465-6517

Rivers Of Living Water Christian Centre

Address: Lime Kiln Inst & Comm Park
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-466-7481
Fax: 869-466-8942

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Address: Wellington Rd
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-466-6417

Seventh Day Adventist Church Cayon

City: Cayon
Phone: 869-465-1362

St. Georges Anglican Church

Address: Cayon St
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-465-6691

St Johnston Methodist Church

Address: Cardin Ave
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-466-7434

St Peters Church Of God

Address: Nelson St
City: Basseterre
Phone: 869-466-5717

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