St. Kitts Island of St. Kitts & Nevis ( KN ) - Travel Guide

Put on your favorite pair of hiking boots and explore the island of St. Kitts one footstep at a time. Hiking on St. Kitts offers travelers verdant rainforests filled with wildlife, and scenic peaks boasting views of St. Kitts and the surrounding islands. Venture into the rainforest for a leisurely hike full of flora and fauna, or spend a day hiking to the summit of Mount Liamuiga, a dormant volcano often cloaked in fog.

St. Kitts provides a memorable hiking experience for travelers, regardless of age or ability. The St. Kitts' rainforest presents the perfect environment for spotting wildlife, including troops of wild monkeys. Originally taken from Africa by the French and brought to St. Kitts more than four hundred years ago, wild vervet monkeys now forage for food among the roots and shoots of the rainforest floor and along the island’s beaches. Keep an eye out for the small population of wild deer that roam the island. Vibrant flora covers the island; hibiscus, coconut palms and lemon trees grow wild on St. Kitts. While hiking, stop to marvel at the scarlet flowers of Royal Poinciana, the national flower of St. Kitts.

Travelers seeking a more adventurous day of hiking should climb Mount Liamuiga, a 3,792 foot dormant volcano. The trek to the summit of Mount Liamugia-the tallest peak on St. Kitts-takes several hours as the trail switchbacks up the side of the mountain through densely packed rainforest. A crater sits atop the summit of Mount Liamuiga; once filled with water, the crater holds only a few inches of water now, and trees cover most of its floor, nearly 400 feet bellow the crater’s edge. On clear days the neighboring Leeward Islands dot the ocean views surrounding the summit.  Once known as Mount Misery, Mount Liamuiga adopted its present moniker in 1983. Derived from a local name for the island, liamuiga roughly translates to "fertile land."

Local hiking companies and guides specialize in providing hikers with experiences unique to St. Kitts. Popular specialty hikes include trekking through the island's deserted sugarcane fields, where hikers witness firsthand the remains of abandoned sugarcane mills. These hikes combine the history of the sugarcane industry on St. Kitts with the experience of hiking past old plantation houses and facilities.  Book a hiking excursion through a local guide company-most base themselves in Basseterre-or seek a guide at one of the larger hotels in Basseterre; many will readily direct hikers to popular local companies.

Wander through the rainforest, trek to the top of the island or stroll through history and discover the possibilities that hiking in St. Kitts offers.

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