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St. Kitts Destination Wedding Venues


Plenty of romantic accommodations await couples on the island of St. Kitts, perfect for a destination wedding ceremony or reception! Fewer chain businesses find a place on this laidback, quiet island in the eastern Caribbean – rather, St. Kitts contains many small, family-owned hotels, condominiums, and beautifully restored plantation inns, all built under height restrictions to highlight the stunning scenery. These carefully preserved buildings contain updated features and amenities, but still retain their 18th century charm, perfect for an intimate destination wedding ceremony.

Many St. Kitts hotels and inns sit on some of the most beautiful locations on the island, such as black-sand Dieppe Bay and popular North Frigate Bay. Consider booking one of these prime beachfront properties, many of which offer wedding packages, coordination services, and a choice of beautiful locations for your ceremony. Enjoy the privacy, friendly atmosphere, and at-home feeling of St. Kitts hotels and resorts, a wonderful choice for any island destination wedding!

St. Kitts Marriott Resort & the Royal Beach Casino

Choose the St. Kitts Marriott for your special day, and relax in luxurious surroundings while the hotel wedding planners take care of all the work and details! This hotel is one of the largest and busiest on the island, standing out amidst the small hotels and sleepy inns and perfect for couples that prefer a bit more activity during their wedding. Located right on Frigate Bay, the Marriott offers premier beach access, comfortable accommodations, and a host of activities for you and your guests. Before and after the wedding, relax at the spa, play a few rounds at the golf course, or head out for an exciting evening at the Royal Beach Casino! A variety of room choices, including suites, cater to the needs of every wedding party member, with discounts available for groups of over 10 rooms.

When it comes time for the wedding, choose from 4 different destination wedding packages, all at reasonable prices. “Emerald Isle” starts at only $550, and this basic ceremony perfect for two includes a wedding consultant, location, preparation of your documentation, the ceremony, and your wedding license. The packages increase in luxury and price until the “Romantic Wedding Package” ($2,100), which includes the entire basic package along with a bouquet, boutonniere, wedding cake, champagne, breakfast for two, dinner and wine for two, a couples massage, and even keepsake robes. The hotel offers a variety of other services should you need them, including video, extra decorations, music, and rehearsal dinners. Choose this luxury setting for your St. Kitts destination wedding, and enjoy the beautiful island along with every convenience and comfort!

To book a room visit: St. Kitts Marriott Resort & the Royal Beach Casino


858 Frigate Bay Road
Frigate Bay, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Phone: 1 (869) 466-1200
Fax: 1 (869) 466-1201

Frigate Bay Resort

Head to the small Frigate Bay Resort for an intimate ceremony and reception without the presence of hundreds of other guests! This comfortable hotel perfectly channels the relaxed Caribbean atmosphere, with a welcoming staff and a low-stress environment ideal for an island getaway or a wonderful St. Kitts destination wedding! The resort offers a choice of two pre-made packages, or the chance for couples to put together their own. The basic package starts at $590, and includes transportation to your Justice of the Peace, stamps for your marriage license, minister or magistrate, bouquet, boutonniere, wedding cake, and champagne, with the wedding taking place right on the lovely hotel grounds. Package number two includes all the elements of the basic package, but allows a choice of ceremony location at any of the southern beaches, Romney Manor, or Brimstone Hill Fortress ($740). After the wedding, enjoy the honeymoon package with several luxurious amenities, including daily morning breakfast, an island tour, romantic dinner with champagne, and more. Plan the intimate destination wedding of a lifetime at the Frigate Bay Resort, the perfect St. Kitts location for relaxing, romance, and a memorable Caribbean experience!

To book a room visit: Frigate Bay Resort


P.O. Box 137
Frigate Bay
St. Kitts, West Indies

Tel: 869-465-8935
Fax: 869-465-7050

Royal St. Kitts Hotel and Casino

A family-owned business located right on beautiful Frigate Bay, the Royal St. Kitts Hotel and Casino offers couples a unique take on comfort combined with Kittitian culture. Book your stay in one of the 282 guest rooms, and enjoy the hospitality of the charming staff along with the colorful scenery, laidback atmosphere, and beautiful beach views!

Couples planning a St. Kitts destination wedding can choose from a variety of beautiful ceremony locations right on the property, including an elegant ballroom, the pool, the spacious Reception Room, a wooden deck with ocean views, or the hotel promenade. The hotel offers a variety of wedding packages to make planning easier, starting with the “Tropical Fantasy” package at $390. This includes a wedding location of your choice, a wedding planner, preparation of paperwork, minister or justice of the peace, bottle of wine, and the aid of the hotel staff during your event. The two other packages include “Island Dreams” ($765) and “Together 4 Ever” ($1,375), with extra services available for purchase as needed. The hotel even offers honeymoon packages to get your relaxing St. Kitts vacation started on the right foot! Explore the 18 lovely acres of the Royal St. Kitts Hotel and Casino and find just the right location for your wedding at this friendly, reasonably-priced and exciting destination!

To book a room visit: Royal St. Kitts Hotel and Casino


Royal St. Kitts Hotel and Casino
P.O. Box 406
Frigate Bay, St. Kitts

Telephone: 869.465.865
Fax: (869) 465-1034 or 465-7498
Toll Free: (866) 607-6242

Ottley’s Plantation Inn

Choose Ottley’s for a fabulous St. Kitts destination wedding, and bask in the luxurious surroundings and inviting atmosphere of a small, family-owned inn! Once a sugar plantation, the family has lovingly restored the lush 35 acres into a series of beautiful gardens and intimate accommodations, perfect for the discerning couple. Wander through the vibrant flowers, the secluded corners, rainforest paths, and the manicured lawns to find that perfect spot for exchanging vows, and let the staff at Ottley’s Plantation Inn take care of all the details! The hotel offers a variety of services including catering, music, photography, video, and anything else you might need to create the perfect day. Choose the “Wedding for Two” package ($1,000) or work directly with the staff to personalize your celebration. Afterwards, enjoy the many luxuries spread throughout the hotel grounds – the island-renowned dining, the spring-fed pool, the tennis grounds, and the intimate spa. Start your honeymoon in a state of complete bliss and relaxation, all without every leaving the resort, or head off to the island for days of exploration and sun! Whatever your desires for your destination wedding, the helpful staff and stunning surroundings of this plantation inn can help bring your dreams into reality!

To book a room visit: Ottley’s Plantation Inn


PO Box 345
Saint Kitts, West Indies

Telephone: 1 (869) 465-7234
Fax: 1 (869) 465-4760


Look to the beautiful beaches of St. Kitts for your destination wedding venue, each with its own unique personality and appeal. The beaches of this tiny island don’t necessarily fulfill the traditional expectations for a Caribbean shore – couples should not expect to find an abundance of bright white sand. Here the shores range from the soft, pale golden and white sand of the southeastern peninsula to the coarse volcanic grey and black beaches of the north and west coasts. St. Kitts also holds a unique position in between two bodies of water – the Caribbean Sea frames the southern coast, where the beaches tend to remain calmer, while the northern side faces the Atlantic Ocean with bigger waves and more dramatic shores. With such a wide variety of beaches, couples find it easy to locate one that suits their tastes for the perfect St. Kitts destination wedding.

The majority of tourists head to the island’s southeastern peninsula, which contains the palest sand beaches and many of St. Kitts’ hotels. Popular North Frigate Bay, with its stretch of condos, resorts, and other convenient accommodations, makes an excellent choice for a destination wedding – simply check into your hotel, and let the planners take care of the details for you! Further along the peninsula lie more isolated beaches such as Turtle Beach and Banana Bay, which require more of a drive but pay off with their excellent scenery, quiet atmospheres, and views of neighboring Nevis! For a completely unique experience, head to a spot such as Dieppe Bay on the northern side of the island, featuring the signature dramatic black sand of St. Kitts – the various beaches in between become darker as you head further north, and lighter as you head back to the southeast. Regardless of where you end up on St. Kitts, all of the beaches remain open to the public and contain absolutely stunning scenery – views of rolling hills, crashing waves, and the lush surroundings of this tropical island. Choose from the developed or the undeveloped, the quiet or the party scene, the dramatic or the serene – on the island of St. Kitts, the perfect beach wedding venue lies waiting for you!

North Frigate Bay

Arguably one of the most popular beaches on St. Kitts, South Frigate Bay, located on the island’s southeastern peninsula, contains several of the island’s major condos and hotels. This long stretch of accessible golden sand offers any sort of facility a destination wedding party may need – food, drink, nearby accommodations, bathrooms, and of course, beautiful scenery. This also means couples can easily accommodate any sized wedding party, from an intimate ceremony for 2 to their 100 closest friends and family members. A popular option for wedding parties in this area is to simply book into one of the nearby hotels, and enjoy full use of a wedding coordinator and reception site only minutes from the beach! Couples may encounter other people sunning or swimming on North Frigate Beach during the day, but the area rarely grows crowded. Shoot for holding your ceremony early in the morning or later in the evening if this becomes a concern. Exchange vows with the blue Caribbean waters before you and the rolling hills of St. Kitts behind you – a stunning background no matter which way you turn!

South Frigate Bay

South Frigate Bay brings the party to St. Kitts with its many beach bars, souvenir shacks, restaurants, and generally laidback and fun Caribbean atmosphere. Located on the southern side of the southeast peninsula, this beach is perhaps one of the most sought-out on the island. Expect to see activity here, ranging from competitions to water sports to parties at the nearby bars. When night falls, things only pick up with live music and celebration, perfect for couples who want an anything-but-boring wedding! The beach itself is beautiful, with a long strip of golden sand fringed by palm trees and lapped by aqua waves, popular for swimming and tanning. Expect to find other people here, particularly during the night – if you prefer a quieter atmosphere, you may want to aim for a morning ceremony. South Frigate Bay works well for couples who don’t mind a little background noise and fun during their proceedings, although it shouldn’t prove too difficult to find a quieter corner for exchanging vows. Make sure to return to this favorite hangout spot on your honeymoon, and partake of the activities and socialize with the friendly crowds!

South Friar’s Bay

This beautiful and easily accessible southeast-peninsula beach makes an ideal spot for your St. Kitts destination wedding. Here, the protected waters stay calmer than many of the other spots on the island, resulting in a gentle background of shimmering blue ocean and a stretch of golden sand. Beach bars line the shore, but don’t really pick up until later in the day – for the most part, this beach remains calm and tranquil with a great atmosphere. You may encounter people traveling here for the water sports, as South Friar’s Bay is home to some great snorkeling and swimming opportunities!

North Friar’s Bay

Take the bumpy road to North Friar’s Beach, across the peninsula from its sister beach South Friar’s. Visitors quickly find that the two destinations could not be more different, despite sharing a name, and North Friar’s may better suit couples with a taste for seclusion and the dramatic. No facilities await you here, so come fully prepared with anything you might need for your wedding ceremony! The beach on this Atlantic-facing side stays more rugged with large crashing waves, not ideal for swimming but great for destination wedding photos. This beach generally works best for those planning a small, intimate ceremony and who don’t mind a bit of a rough drive. If you find yourself on this lovely, quiet spot, however, enjoy the golden sand and brilliant ocean views – you’re likely to be one of the only people there!

Dieppe Bay

Home to the Golden Lemon Inn and Villas, this unique black sand beach offers isolation and a peaceful setting for your St. Kitts destination wedding. Expect few people (most stick to the golden beaches of the southeastern peninsula), but prepare for a different kind of beauty – one more rugged and much less developed. Yet another interesting aspect of Dieppe Bay lies in its views – looking out towards the water, couples can see where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea merge. For a signature St. Kitts beach experience, consider hosting your ceremony right on the coarse black sand with beautiful ocean views, an experience completely unique to the island.

White House Bay

Well-known for its excellent snorkeling, White House Bay is not your traditional white-sand Caribbean beach. Located on the southern side of the peninsula, its rocky shores discourage swimming and tanning, but offer absolutely stunning views of the water and surrounding areas. White House Bay remains incredibly isolated and peaceful, perfect for an intimate exchanging of vows – but it requires a bit of a drive and access through a dirt road, which may deter some larger wedding parties. Return on your honeymoon to explore the coral and intriguing shipwrecks below the surface!

Cockleshell Bay

Located on the very tip of the southeastern peninsula, right near The Narrows (which separate St. Kitts from Nevis), couples find lovely Cockleshell Beach. Easily accessible by taxi or car, this beach boasts some of the lightest sand on the island of St. Kitts, a big draw for visitors and cruise ship tourists. While a few beach bars border the shore, the area stays completely free of resorts and hotels, which reduces some of the traffic. Beware of cruise ships, however, which quickly flood this tranquil spot with crowds. For the rest of the time, however, things stay fairly quiet and laidback on this 2-mile stretch of beautiful, palm-tree bordered white sand.

Banana Bay

Also located on the tip of the southeastern peninsula, Banana Bay sits right next to Cockleshell Beach, but generally remains quieter and more isolated. A snack stand and the ruins of an old hotel destroyed by a hurricane dot the shore, which otherwise remains largely quiet and untouched. No facilities await couples on Banana Bay, but Cockleshell Beach remains reachable by a short nearby path. Look out towards the water and take in the views of Nevis as you exchange vows on the golden sand, possibly with the entire beach to yourselves. Access Banana Bay by car or by taxi – as it requires a bit of a drive, it works best for intimate ceremonies without large wedding parties. Despite the work to get there, couples find a tradeoff in the calm, quiet, and absolutely romantic atmosphere!

Turtle Beach

Head to lovely Turtle Beach, located at the tip of the southeastern peninsula, for a beautiful stretch of sand with a great atmosphere. Couples can enjoy the quiet and isolated setting, perfect for exchanging vows – walk out onto the jetty and gaze into the turquoise Caribbean waters, and find lovely views of Nevis right from where you stand! Facilities here remain limited, with only a small restaurant and beach bar, so bring any supplies you might need for your St. Kitts destination wedding. You may encounter a few other people who come for the excellent snorkeling and swimming, but for the most part, Turtle Beach remains fairly quiet and isolated.

Conaree Bay

A narrow beach located on the Atlantic-facing side of the island, Conaree Bay features the signature black and grey sand of St. Kitts, along with rougher waves that make for dramatic destination wedding photography. Although not recommended for swimming, this spot draws visitors for its bodysurfing, excellent snorkeling, and other water sports. Stand on the coarse sand and enjoy the beautiful surrounding views as you exchange “I do’s”, on this peaceful and secluded St. Kitts black sand beach!

Half Moon Bay

Another black sand beach on the Atlantic-facing coast of St. Kitts, Half Moon Bay entices couples with its dramatic waves and beautiful scenery, popular with surfers looking for some thrills! Listen to the crashing of the water as you exchange vows on this peaceful shore, with little development to distract you. This beach combines the best of the isolated Caribbean island feeling with a setting totally unique to St. Kitts – a perfect marriage for the perfect destination wedding ceremony!


Apostolic Faith Church
Station St
Sandy Point, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-6245

Basseterre Church of God
Durant Ave
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-6380

Calvary Baptist Church
Main St
St Paul's St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-6324

Calvary Baptist Tabernacle Church
Main St
St Paul's, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-3883

Catholic Church
Co-Cathedral East Independence Square
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-2541

Cayon Church of God
Upper Cayon, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-0829

Church Of Christ
Cunningham St
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-1372

Church Of God
Half Way Tree, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-8730

Church Of God St Pauls
Main St
St Paul's, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-9815

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
Shadwell Site
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-2612, 465-7767

Faith Tabernacle Church Of God
Adams Hill
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-1505

Grace Gospel Hall
Middle Island, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-3732

Jehovah's Witnesses
Ponds Estate
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-9518

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Caines Housing Development
St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-3229

Lighthouse Baptist Church
Main St Crab Hill
Sandy Point St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-2629

Methodist Church
Tabernacle St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-9593
Fax: 469-5228

Methodist Church Annex
Seaton St
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-2346

Methodist Church -Cayon
Main St
Cayon, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-2314

Methodist Church -Dieppe Bay
Main St
Diepp Bay, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-9612

Methodist Church Manse
St Pauls

The Methodist Church
Seaton St
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-3801

Moravian Churches
Zion Manse/Office
Victoria Rd, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-4821
Fax: 465-6748

Mt Carmel Baptist Church
Bourryeau, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-7230

New Birth/ Gospel Outreach Ministries
Baker's Corner
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-1493

New Testament Church Of God
Central St
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-1904

Central St
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-2965

Olivet Gospel Hall
Upper Malone Ave
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-6517

Redeemed Baptist Church
Upper Cayon, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-6423

Rivers Of Living Water Christian Centre
Lime Kiln Inst & Comm Park
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-7481
Fax: 466-8942

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Wellington Rd
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-6417

Seventh Day Adventist Church Cayon
Cayon, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-1362

St. Georges Anglican Church
Cayon St
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 465-6691
Website: St. Georges Anglican Church

St Johnston Methodist Church
Cardin Ave
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-7434

St Peters Church Of God
Nelson St
Lower Monkey Hill
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Telephone: 466-5717


For an intimate destination wedding experience, consider renting a St. Kitts villa, your own private little home in paradise! Villas bring several luxuries to weddings and honeymoons that hotels may not – more privacy, more space, fewer crowds, and facilities exclusively for the occupants! Many of these villas sit in prime areas of the island, surrounded by the lush scenery and hills characteristic of St. Kitts. Book one right on lovely Frigate Bay or any other preferred area throughout the island, and experience all of the benefits of a hotel without the hassle of the crowds. When it comes time for your wedding ceremony, imagine holding the proceedings right on your deck, manicured grounds, near your private swimming pool, or of course right on the nearby beach. With no one to dictate where your wedding must take place, couples are free to use their creativity! Work with an independent wedding planner from St. Kitts or bring your own, as they can help you locate some of the best spots on the island as well as coordinate a staff for the big day. The morning after your wedding, an entire island lays at your feet without ever having to pack or head to a crowded airport – the undeniable allure of the “weddingmoon”. Choose the perfect villa for your St. Kitts destination wedding, in any size or style to best fit your party, and enjoy a private island ceremony unlike anything else available!

Other Venues:

Romney Manor

Head to historic Romney Manor for your St. Kitts destination wedding, and enjoy a piece of the island’s colorful past! Constructed in the 17th century and once owned by Sam Jefferson, the great great great grandfather of Thomas Jefferson, the grounds today contain sugar plantation ruins, beautiful botanical gardens, and a variety of stunning backdrops perfect for your ceremony. Explore the 10 plus acres of lush trees and vibrant wildflowers, and locate the 350 year-old Saman tree with its massive trunk and twisting branches, a popular landmark on the property. Visitors can also find Caribelle Batik, a company selling the island’s signature hand-dyed fabrics with live demonstrations. For those seeking an outdoor venue different from the standard beach wedding, Romney Manor might provide the perfect island escape. Enjoy the peace and isolation of this piece of St. Kitts history, as you let your mind drift and imagine life as it was hundreds of years ago!

Brimstone Hill Fortress

Plan a unique experience for yourselves and your guests with a destination wedding at Brimstone Hill, an aptly named military fortress resting atop a sheer 800-foot volcanic hill. Begun in 1690 and once used as a defense point for the coast of St. Kitts, the location is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that keeps its doors open to tourists from around the world. The 38 acres of excellently preserved grounds make a great destination not only for curious tour groups, but also for couples seeking the perfect wedding spot. At the top of the hill, sweeping views of beautiful St. Kitts await your wedding party – visitors can see the lush green border of the rainforest, the vibrant blue of the water alongside the sleepy towns, the rolling mountains and hills, and even the shapes of other islands resting in the Caribbean Sea. Take in the history and the excellent views, and enjoy this unique destination wedding location that your guests are sure to talk about for years!

Website: Brimstone Hill Fortress


P.O. Box 588
Taylor's Range
St. Kitts,West Indies

Telephone (869) 465 - 2609
Facsimile (869) 466 – 7784

St. Kitts Scenic Railway

Once used to help transport the island’s valuable sugar crop, the St. Kitts Scenic Railway turned to tourism after the importance of sugar cane began to diminish. Today the train combines culture and entertainment to both show off the lovely island of St. Kitts, and to educate tourists about the place they’ve come to explore. The scenic railway also makes a unique venue for a destination wedding, unlike anything your guests have encountered before! Ride the unique double-decker trains complete with a lower air-conditioned area, and enjoy the luxuriously outfitted surroundings that include a bar, artwork, carpeting, and bathrooms. A perfect place to unwind for a reception or to enjoy a small and intimate ceremony, the St. Kitts Scenic Railway makes a 30-mile circle for a 3-hour tour around the island, providing couples plenty of time to enjoy the romantic views and a few drinks before returning to the station. Enjoy a unique destination wedding or reception unlike anything else in the Caribbean, perfect for creating wedding memories for years to come!

Website: St. Kitts Scenic Railway


The St. Kitts Scenic Railway Ltd.
Sands Unit A6, Bay Road
P.O. Box 191
St. Kitts, West Indies

Phone: (869) 465-7263
Fax: (869) 466-4815

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