St. Kitts Island of St. Kitts & Nevis ( KN ) - Travel Guide

St. Kitts Weddings

In the eastern Caribbean, visitors find peaceful St. Kitts next to its sister island of Nevis, both slow-paced and still awakening to the world of tourism. St. Kitts, however, contains more development, more accommodations, and more potential ceremony venues, making it an increasingly sought-after spot for destination weddings. Dependent until very recently on its exports of sugar cane for survival, St. Kitts now opens its doors to visitors and couples from around the world who come to marvel at the unique beaches and the lush, mountainous terrain. Although still littered with sugar plantations and fields of sugar cane, couples now travel here for the relaxed atmosphere, the slow pace, and the relative absence of over-development and large crowds.

The accommodations of St. Kitts remain, for the most part, small and family-owned, with fewer chain hotels than in some of the other Caribbean Islands. Couples often seek out the plantation inns, renovated historical houses that contain only a small number of rooms. Now furnished with modern conveniences, their intimate spaces and welcoming atmospheres speak to those planning St. Kitts destination weddings. Plantation inns not only provide the perfect romantic wedding location, but also incorporate a piece of St. Kitts history and island hospitality into your experience! For those who prefer something a bit larger, a number of small hotels and even luxury resorts dot the island, many of them along the Frigate Bay area in the southeastern peninsula. Checking into a hotel offers a number of advantages for couples planning their destination wedding venues- many offer special deals or wedding packages, coordination services, and a variety of different locations perfect for your ceremony!

Some couples choose to head directly to the natural outdoor venues of St. Kitts, in particular the unique and stunning beaches. Instead of cookie-cutter white sand shores and brilliant blue ocean waves, each direction on this island brings a new experience - volcanic, coarse black and grey sand beaches lie to the north, which gradually lighten to soft gold and white as you reach the southeastern peninsula. Some, such as North and South Frigate Bay, South Friar's Bay, and Cockleshell Beach contain beach bars and draw visitors for their excellent swimming and snorkeling - others, particularly the ones on the northern Atlantic-facing coast, remain more isolated with dramatic waves excellent for wedding photography. Every beach in St. Kitts contains beautiful views of the sea with the dramatic rolling terrain of the island rising behind, a perfect backdrop for the wedding of your dreams!

For a completely unique experience, delight your guests with a historical setting that combines the culture and colorful past of St. Kitts with beautiful scenery. Consider Romney Manor, a popular spot for its botanical gardens, or Brimstone Hill Fortress perched atop a sheer 800-foot hill and featuring some of the best views on the island. Each spot brings its own unique personality and background to your wedding, as well as years of experience in bringing wedding visions to life!

Head to this quiet island for relaxation and an authentic experience still free of over-development and commercialism. With its absolutely stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and small businesses and accommodations, visitors find an intimacy and a sense of genuine welcome hard to come by in today's modern world, perfect for couples that want to slow the pace down and build St. Kitts destination wedding memories!

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