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With a treasure trove of colorful rainforests filled with a rainbow of wildlife, unspoiled beaches, and gentle currents perfect for sailing, St. Kitts welcomes you to enjoy a truly relaxing holiday. Full of historic ruins and friendly locale, this island creates a perfect tropical getaway. While fun activities abound, such as sailing or diving, St. Kitts makes a great place to simply kick back, unwind, and soak up the sun.

Of the various appealing accommodations, restored sugar plantation inns attract many visitors with their beauty and charm. Re-built with modern conveniences and lovely furnishings, these inns maintain the antiquity of their 18th century histories and offer scenic views as well. For a bit of glamour and luxury, stay at one of the bustling beachfront resorts and surround yourself with pools, spas, and fancy dining.

Dining in St. Kitts ranges from informal to extremely elegant. Some of the best and ritziest restaurants reside in the hotels and inns, offering authentic Caribbean cuisine in a posh setting, often overlooking the beach. For a more casual environment, visit the many grills and bars for fresh seafood, fruity cocktails, and live bands.

The best beaches lie to the south, where powdery white sand dominates the shore instead of the darker sand that decorate the rest of St. Kitts. Banana and Cockleshell Bays at the southeastern tip offer especially lovely scenery with views of the sister island, Nevis. Experts praise Friar's Bay as St. Kitts' finest and most beautiful beach. Enjoy the cool, placid waters, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Try the many beachside bars that sell cold drinks and inexpensive food. Frigate Bay remains a favorite among horseback riders with a 4 mile stretch of beach.

Many boat chartering companies exist on St. Kitts, mostly on Frigate Bay. The calmness of the ocean in this area makes sailing and fishing easy and pleasurable. Excellent dive sites abound in the surrounding waters. Underwater caverns range from 40 to nearly 200 feet. Explore a myriad of 17th century shipwrecks and amazing underwater grottoes, such as the Bloody Bay Reef which dazzles with a network of purple anemones, bristle worms, and yellow sea fans. See the Sandy Point Reef, a designated National Marine Park with 90-foot canyons and anchors encrusted with coral formations.

For some great duty-free shopping, visit downtown Basseterre for a jewelry, perfumes, china, and crystal. Many galleries sell paintings and sculptures. On the waterfront, browse through the vendors' stalls and buy t-shirts and handmade souvenirs to take home.

Visit Brimstone Hill, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a part of a national park dedicated by Queen Elizabeth in 1985. A history of battles between the English and French haunts this fortress, which once held 49 mounted guns. Partially reconstructed the dismantling in 1852, this place now serves as a tourist attraction where visitors can see officers' quarters, barracks, and the cemetery.

Go on a nature trail in the surrounding areas and take in the splendor of St. Kitts' rainforests. Stroll by fragrant orchids and lush trees and maybe even catch sight of the famous green vervet monkeys. According to legend, French settlers brought these animals to the island as pets, eventually setting them free into the wild. The monkeys multiplied over the years and now even outnumber human residents. They should be easy to find and observe, as they tend to spend their days on the ground rather than in trees.

Out of all the volcanic peaks on St. Kitts, Mt. Liamuiga reigns as the highest at 1,156 miles. Formerly known as Mt. Misery, this volcano became dormant centuries ago. An exhilarating five hour trek takes adventurous hikers to the peak, which often lies under cloud cover. If you feel especially daring, climb the slippery slope into the very mouth of the peak and see the crater, now covered rocks, vegetation, and a small lake.

For a relaxing tropical holiday, travel to St. Kitts and relish the warm weather and laid-back environment. Fill your days with sight-seeing and sports, or just simply swim in the cool waters and bathe in the sun. Mingle with the friendly locale and experience the Caribbean flair in everything you do here!

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